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Check Out The Common Car Scratches And How A Professional Can Repair Them

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One of the things that every car owner has to deal with at some point is car scratches. If you don't address this problem on time, your vehicle may begin to rust, significantly ruining its appearance. Understand that there are different types of scratches, which require different approaches to fix. Here are some scratch examples and how an auto body repair professional can fix them.

The Clear Coat Scratch

The clear coat is the last layer of your vehicle's paint and is responsible for protecting it against oxidation, UV light, and other factors. This is also the coat that gives your vehicle its gloss and shine. As such, the type of scratches that affect the coat can be challenging to avoid. You can get scratches if you regularly use an abrasive sponge to clean your vehicle. The scratches can still occur if you lightly bump your vehicle door on a wall or pole. When driving on rough terrain, keep the distance between you and the vehicle in front, as road debris can cause damage to your vehicle's exterior. Professionals will remove the clear coat around the damaged area before smoothening and applying a sealant to hide the scratches.

Primer Scratches

Underneath the surface coast layer is the primer layer. Vehicle manufacturers add this coat to give the outer layer of your car a smooth, shining appearance. The primer layer is exposed if your vehicle experiences damage that cuts past the surface coat. This can happen if you scratch your car against a harsh metal or are involved in a minor collision. Ensure that you fix this scratch quickly, or you may experience rust build-up in the area. Depending on the extent of damage, the technician may fill the dents and then repaint the vehicle panel, including the bumper and hood. 

Base Coat Scratch

Also referred to as the paint scratch, this auto body damage goes past the paint surface, exposing the vehicle's metal body. It mostly happens if somebody scratched the metal surface with a sharp object. The scratch will also appear if you repeatedly hit one area of your car against a hard object. Some people will try to repair this damage with a paint scratch repair kit, but this isn't recommended. You need to take your vehicle to a professional so that it can be professionally repaired to prevent more issues in the future.

Over time your vehicle will develop scratches whether you clean them with an abrasive fabric or you're involved in a minor collision. Whichever the case, you can seek the services of an auto body shop for scratch repairs.