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Was Your Car Involved In An Accident? 4 Signs You Need Wheel Alignment Services

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A car crash is the last thing you want to deal with, but accidents happen all the time and lead to damage and injuries. After an accident, not only do you have to worry about injuries, but you also have to deal with costly car repairs. One of the damages your car may sustain following an accident is wheel misalignment. Unlike car body damage, misaligned wheels are not immediately visible. So, how can you tell your wheel have alignment issues after an accident? This article will highlight four signs your wheel needs alignment after a collision.

1. Vibrating Steering Wheel

An array of car issues can make your steering wheel vibrate following a collision accident, but misaligned wheels are certainly a common culprit. The wheels are designed to go in the same direction. But this may not be the case if they are misaligned. If your wheels are spinning unevenly, your steering wheel may try to accommodate the difference hence the vibration. Be sure to have the misalignment fixed at the nearest auto collision repair shop, or else you risk getting into another collision.

2. Drifting or Pulling to One Side

If you notice that your car is pulling in one direction while driving, possibly your wheels are misaligned. Driving a car that keeps pulling in one direction is extremely dangerous. You could drift out of your lane and get into a sideswipe accident. Also, if you have to keep wrestling with your steering wheel to get to your destination safely, you can never enjoy your drive. Therefore, visit a reputable auto collision repair shop for alignment services without delay for your comfort and safety.

3. Uneven Tire Wear

Do some tires look more worn out than others? If yes, the odds are high that your wheels are misaligned, and they were probably misaligned before or during the accident. If the issue is not fixed, the life of your tires will be reduced, and you may have to replace them sooner than later. Even worse, the misalignment may cause your tires to drag, leading to higher fuel consumption. Visit an auto repair collision shop for tire rotation and alignment to prevent unnecessary costs.

4. The Steering Wheel Looks Tilted

Your steering wheel should always be centered when doing straight drives. If the car logo on your steering wheel looks crooked, your wheels may have an alignment issue. And it may be time to visit an auto repair collision shop to fix it. Your car will feel easier to control later on.

Misaligned wheels can expose you to fatal road accidents, not to mention drive up your car fuel consumption. If you have noticed any of the above signs following an accident, it is imperative to have your wheels inspected and aligned by a reputable collision repair service.