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Reliability Issues Commonly Found In Maserati Models

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The Maserati brand is known for being luxurious and fast. However, while this brand is very popular, it is not always known for being reliable. Because of this, you will want to find a great Maserati certified repair shop to rely on.

Problems With All Models

The brakes can work great on Maserati models, but you may need to replace the brake fluid more often. Otherwise, the brakes will begin to become wooden. The ECU system can also cause the anti-lock brakes/anti-skid system to experience hitches

Maserati models are very close to the ground compared to most other brands. Therefore, rocks often chip the wheel arches and can cause wear and tear in other ways. Therefore, you'll need to visit a Maserati certified body shop to have repairs performed.

Problems With the GranTurismo

The GranTurismo is considered one of the more reliable models under the Maserati brand. However, it can still experience problems with the axle and suspension. With the GranTurismo and other models, you may experience fuel system engine leaks. This results from the fuel lines or hoses becoming soft. When they soften, they break and cause leaks. When the engine leaks, it may lead to you running out of fuel sooner than expected and it can also create a fire risk.

You may experience a slow response from the steering rack. This can create a dangerous situation when you are not able to steer your GrandTurismo fast enough. The slow response time can often be solved by tightening loose bolts in the steering wheel assembly.

Problems With the Ghibli

The Ghibli engine has been known to seize. A common reason for a seizing engine is that a valve inside the engine becomes stuck. Some motorists have had to replace the engine with a new one.

You might experience problems such as a bad fuel pump. If you have purchased a new Maserati, you may be able to have the engine repaired for free due to the warranty. You may experience problems with the transmission, such as an AWD deferential system failure. Then, you'll have to replace the transmission. 

While repair shops can often service a broad range of cars, it's important to make sure that the repair shop you visit is certified by Maserati. Then, you will be more confident that the repair shop will be able to diagnose the problem and have the parts necessary to perform adequate repairs.