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The Benefits Of Ceramic Coating Your Car

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Your new car is glossy and sleek. You want to keep it that way, but you automatically assume that just washing and waxing it will do the job. Sadly, no amount of washing and waxing is going to keep things that nice for very long. This is especially true of a lot of areas of your car that you might not ordinarily wax and which are often hit with small stones in the road or splashed with rock salt or ice melt. If you really want to keep your car looking brand new for much longer, consider ceramic coating. Here are the benefits of having this coating applied to your vehicle. 

Think "Gel Coat" for Manicured Nails

Ladies who regularly have their nails done know exactly what that last clear topcoat is all about; protection. It is the gel coat that hardens and makes the nail polish impervious to scratches, dings, and scrapes. The same holds true for the clear ceramic coat applied to your car. Once this coating has dried and hardened, nothing can get through to the paint job on your car. 

Your Car Is Always Glossy

Your car will always look like it rolled out of a car wash or off the dealership floor. The ceramic properties of this coating create the perfect glossy finish that rain, sleet, rocks, rock salt, or hail can ever mar. You may need to reapply the ceramic coat several years from now, but that is a long time to enjoy the slick, wet look of this coating. 

The Coating Lasts a Very Long Time

About five to ten years is a typical lifespan for this coating, depending on the weather conditions where you live. If the vehicle never sees snow, ice, and ice melt or rock salt, it will be closer to the ten year mark before you may need to apply a fresh ceramic coat. If your car is in the midst of nasty winter weather every year, about five years or so is when you might want to look at a reapplication. 

If Your Car Makes It to Antique Status, It Will Not Have an Ounce of Rust to Show for It

Classic cars are twenty years old or older. A lot of cars do not make it that far because of accidents, rust, or engine problems. If you ceramic coat your vehicle, you can at least negate the rust. Keep up the engine maintenance, and you can skip that too. Then, if you can avoid car accidents for twenty-plus years, your vehicle will achieve classic status and not look a day over a year old.