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5 Things To Check Before Heading Off On A Spring Road Trip

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With the return of warm weather this spring, it can be tempting to hit the open road and enjoy some time behind the wheel of your car. Before you start driving more than you normally do, make sure your vehicle is up to the task.

#1 Check Your Wiper Blades

Your windshield wiper blades are not made to last forever. Your windshield wiper blades wear down over time. When you start to notice that your wiper blades are smearing water instead of removing it, the rubber on your wipers blades has worn down to the point that it is no longer as effective as it should be. You can also visually inspect your wiper blades, and if you notice cracks or damage to the rubber, it is time to change out your wiper blades.

When you inspect your wiper blades, be sure to clean them as well. Use a cloth to get rid of the grime that can build up on the edges of the blade and near the bracket.

#2 Get Your Windshield Ready

Check your windshield. If your windshield is damaged, get the cracks filled. Cracks impede your visibility of the road and can spread over time. In addition, cracks are not legal to drive with.

You can also get your windshield ready by using a special rain repellent on your windshield. This rain repellent will help water more easily wipe away from your windshield.

#3 Change Out Engine Air Filter

If you can't recall when you last changed out your engine air filter, now is the time to change it out. Your engine air filter should be easy to access. A clean filter will improve your fuel efficiency on your trip and will help protect your engine.

#4 Check Your Oil

Before putting extra miles on your car, make sure that you are not close to your oil change date. If you are close to your oil change date, you need to change your oil before you head out on your spring road trip.

#5 Check Your Wheels

Check your wheels. When you let go of your wheel does your car drift? If it does you need to get your wheels alignment. A proper auto alignment repair will help you drive straight and will improve your overall handling.

Check the tire pressure and make sure it is on-point. The right tire pressure will help with your handling as well. Finally, check the tread on your tires. If the tread is starting to wear thin, don't take your vehicle on a long trip before replacing your tires.

Take some time to make sure your vehicle is in good shape before you set off on a new adventure. Having a vehicle that is in good shape and ready to go will help make your road trip more enjoyable.