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FAQ About Powder Coating Vehicle Bumpers

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Did you make the mistake of painting the bumpers on your car? If you are now dealing with paint peeling off, you might want to get the job done by a professional. The best way to paint the bumpers is via a technique known as powder coating, which can be done for various types of metals. This article will answer a few of the questions that you might have before getting your vehicle bumpers powder coated.

What is a Powder Coating?

Basically, a powder coating is a substance that contains resin and pigment particles. The pigment is available in a variety of different colors and will give your bumper the same type of appeal as paint. The powder will be fused to the metal bumpers by way of heat. For instance, the powder will be cooked into the metal at a high temperature.

Is a Powder Coating a Reliable Option?

You can count on a powder coating lasting for many years after you get it placed on your bumpers. Basically, the powder is electrostatically charged, which will automatically make it stick to metal better than paint. Due to the powder being baked into the metal, you will never have to worry about it becoming cracked or peeling off. Your bumpers will be pleasant to look at for a long time, which also means the value of your car will increase, which will be good if you decide to sell it.

Can a Power Coating Prevent Rust?

One of the perks of getting your bumpers powder coated is that they will last longer. For instance, the powder coating will act as a sealant that creates a barrier between the metal and rainwater. You will not have to worry about the bumpers becoming rusty. Even if you wanted to go with getting the bumpers professionally painted, a powder coating can still be beneficial as a sealant that prevents rust from developing.

How Environmentally Friendly is a Powder Coating?

A powder coating is much more environmentally friendly than paint, as it contains little to no volatile organic compounds. Basically, a volatile organic compound can transform into a gas that is harmful when inhaled. The compounds can pollute the environment, which can cause health problems for humans and animals. There is no solvent contained inside of a powder coating, which is why it safer to use than paint. Take your vehicle to a professional so a powder coating can be applied to your bumpers.

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