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What To Consider Before Painting Your Car

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If you are thinking about having your car painted, there are some things to consider first. Painting your own car can take a lot of work, while having it done professionally isn't a cheap thing to have done. Here are some things to consider before painting your vehicle.

Are you sure it is worth painting?

While painting a car can improve its outer appearance, it isn't always worth the time and money spent on it. This isn't going to fix the way the car drives, and the other aspects of the outer appearance might still look old and worn. Consider the overall value of the vehicle and how often you intend to drive it when deciding if you should have it painted. Do you think you will keep working on the car, improving its performance, and trying to drive it for several more years? If not, it might be better to just leave the paint how it is and sell it when the time comes.

What colors are you painting it?

Also consider what color you intend to paint the car and whether or not you are changing the color drastically. This is important when you are trying to figure out if you choose paint it yourself or have it done professionally. Painting your own car isn't always a difficult job, but if you need to change the color or are going with a custom color, it gets more tricky. In this case, it is best left to a professional auto body shop for the best results.

How much are you willing to spend?

This is something to consider when deciding between painting it yourself or having it professionally done. Depending on where you go and whether you are changing the color or not, it can be quite expensive having the vehicle painted professionally. Though you are definitely getting what you paid for, with a proficient paint job that is obviously done professionally. When you paint your own car, you might save some money, which is good if you are on a tight budget. However, be prepared to have a finished product that is flawed.

How long can you be without your car?

Also consider that some auto body shops get backed up and can't always get your car painted in one day. You may be without it for several days, depending on how busy they are and what difficulty level your specific paint job is. Custom paint jobs tend to take longer, especially when they have to remove certain things from your vehicle for a professional result.

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