What’s a Quadcopter?

Not necessarily a tool but it’s sure cool!

Quadcopters are like RC Helicopters on steroids.  Instead of using one propeller they use 4 and have a lot more control.

As a mater of fact, the most recent idea is strapping a gopro to one of the more popular quadcopter, dji phantom, and making videos like this one…

A better to-do list

How do you keep track of all the tasks that you need to do everyday?  Paper?  Calendar?

Both work well, but are often not as organized as they can be and are outdated.

Here at TwoCoolTools we’ve been using a new method called Wunderlist

Wunderlist is a simple to-do list that you can seperate work, personal and any other type of list you want.  It has simply interface on both Mac and PC as well as iPhone App.


Better Organization of your Email

When’s the last time you emailed someone and they never responded?  It happens all the time, whether it gets put in the spam folder, pushed aside, ignored, or simply put on a todo list.  The biggest issue here is when sending hundreds of emails a day you lose track and never follow up.

In comes Boomerang for gmail.  Boomerang allows you to automatically relay unanswered emails back to you if there is no response so you can follow up.