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Exploring Different Types Of Automotive Paint

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There are various different types of paint you can buy for your car. This is more than just the color or shade. It's all about the look for the finish. Do you want something metallic or are you more interested in traditional styles? Here's a look at the different types of automotive paint available to help you decide.

Solid Paint Options

The most common type available is solid paint. This is the type that the most affordable options come in and usually comes in red, blue, white or black. The paintwork will be non-metallic, and will in no way affect the cost or value of your vehicle.

It's one of the most maintenance-free options, and you just need to keep your car clean to make the paintwork look great. This type of paint is also beneficial to protect the car against scratches and chips, as well as the elements.

In most cases, the paint is applied in one go. A clear lacquer is then applied over the top for the protective layer against the elements.

Metallic Paint Options

Metallic paints are becoming common, but they can lead to a more expensive insurance premium. The downside is metallic paint can make the car look more valuable, and there is the need for more coats when applying, so it costs more if there is an accident.

To create the paint, powdered metal is added to solid paint. The amount of metal will depend on the paint manufacturer.

Acrylic Urethane Paint

A third option is relatively new but becoming popular. Acrylic urethane paint combines the lacquer with the solid color. It is sometimes promoted as a "two-pack" paint and removes the need to apply the clear coating on the top of solid paint.

While this can seem easier, the paint does dry very quickly and you need to be experienced in working with it. Because it dries so quickly, blobs can form and remain so you don't get the smooth layer. It is also a toxic type of paint, so you will need to take care while using it and discard after use.

Those are the main options when it comes to painting your vehicle. Solid paints are the most common, but acrylic urethane paint is become far more popular, especially those experienced in handling it. This about your vehicle and preferences, as well as your painting needs before you choose one specific type. For assistance, talk to an auto body repair professional.