Making an Older Car New Again

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Sprucing Up Your Old Cars For A Better Rental Fleet

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If you own a car rental service, exchanging in your fleet for new cars may not always be a feasible idea. Since car rentals are often affordable, increasing prices may also mean that you are priced out for consumers. Instead of looking to purchase brand new cars, consider different ways to upgrade your fleet. Here are some ideas for sprucing up your old cars and attracting customers.

Have a total checkup of all vehicles

If you have cars that have been used as rentals for a few years, you need to make sure they go through proper inspection. Have your cars looked over and a full inspection run on each of your vehicles. Address any issues, from those needing new brake pads to vehicles that may need an engine rebuild. One requirement of rental fleet vehicles is that they run perfectly for customers. Cars that are years older are able to do this if they are properly maintained.

Touch up the paint

A paint job can go a long way for making a car look brand new. If your cars have paint that has been exposed to the elements and is beginning to wear off, get the cars repainted so that they look glossy and new again. As most rental car companies have newer looking cars, you must have good looking cars to be competitive. If possible, change odd colored cars to black, silver, red, or white. These colors are often chosen at dealerships and will be chosen out of your fleet.

Offer the extras

Sometimes it may seem like the entire world is run online. For this reason, adding car wi-fi to each of your vehicles will send the customers flocking to you. Newer cars are being created with in-vehicle wi-fi as an optional add-on. There are car mobile hot spots that can work with adapters that can be placed in older cars. If money is an object, price the devices with their manufacturers plus with phone service options to see which would be cheaper overall.

Re-upholster the interior

Over time seats will get worn down due to heavy usage and suitcases. If any of your vehicles look worn on the interior, consider getting the vehicles reupholstered. Consider cloth seating so that you can avoid any tears in the seats due to normal wear and tear in a rental vehicle. When you upgrade the upholstery, do not forget the trunk of the car. Most customers will lay their luggage and other belongings in the truck and the area needs to appear properly clean.

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